Bamboo Is Full Of Treasure.
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It is a worldwide consensus to control fossil energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and find renewable and clean energy sources. The "Thirteen-Five" plan emphasizes the low carbonization development of energy and, for the first time, includes the construction of ecological civilization in the five-year plan. In this context, bamboo as the substrate, independent innovation and manufacturing of a new bio-based pipeline-bamboo winding composite pipe, created a new field of bamboo materials applications, can replace cement pipes, plastic tubes, steel pipe and other raw materials are mostly petrochemical and ore products of the traditional pipeline, with energy-saving, low-carbon, renewable resources and other new materials characteristics, has been selected as a catalogue of low-carbon technologies for national focus, prepared by the National Development and Reform Commission (second instalment).

The popularization and application of bamboo winding composite pipe is of great significance in accelerating the development of green building and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. For a long time, the coal-led energy structure and cement and steel-led building materials structure have brought great challenges to China's energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection work, and with the increase of oil and coal prices and environmental pressure, the development of new energy sources and materials is undoubtedly an important way to optimize the current energy structure.
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