Analysis On The Present Situation Of Bamboo Fiber Industry
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Industry analysts believe that the development potential of bamboo fiber industry is huge, but China's bamboo fiber processing enterprises are not small, production and output level is not high, professional production enterprises are small, most enterprises only take bamboo fiber products as a supplement, not as a pillar industry to develop, solid overall industry level is not high, There are also great limitations to product development. And because bamboo fiber products across the textile industry and forestry two industries, product positioning has not been clear.

 In the processing process, recycled fiber production process for pulp production process, whether it can pollute the environmental pollution needs to be further assessed, environmental protection issues have become the biggest drawback of the development of recycled bamboo fiber. Of course, in the process of processing the characteristics of bamboo materials can not be seen, recycled bamboo fiber processing art needs to be perfected.

At present, the market impersonation of bamboo fiber products are common, and fiber identification and detection technology is still relatively backward, to be improved.

According to the Bamboo Fiber market research Report, in recent years, the bamboo fiber market has developed rapidly, the world fiber industry has also formed a certain scale, the related bamboo fiber industry is also increasingly perfect, but China's fiber market is not mature, no matter in the market size, product grade, character varieties, consumption level and other aspects there is still a considerable gap.

With the development of economy, bamboo fiber technology level, product quality continues to improve, the application field continues to expand, China's bamboo fiber market demand and development space is huge.

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